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Kitesurfing in Almeria

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The School

Kitesrfing in Almeria

How We Teach Kitesurfing

Welcome to the only kite school in Almeria with fluent english speaking instructor. Ready for an epic kitesurfing experience? We offer high quality kite lessons with high quality equipment. With the IKO-Licensed teachers and the experience in giving kite lessons you can learn safely and very quickly. The key to your success is to be in the water as long and as often as possible and that is exactly what we do! In Almeria, here at our spot we have two different winds. The Levante from the east and the Poniente from the west. They are both perfect for every skill-level of kitesurfing. The lessons are taught at a beach with very few waves so you can learn faster and safer.

The Courses

Complete Course

You have very little to no experience in kitesurfing, but are ready to learn everything you need for riding by yourself? Then this is the course for you!

  • 9 hours
  • Gets you ready for riding

Trial Course

The trial Course is perfect for people that just want to try to fly the kite at the beach to get extra confidence and choose to do the complete course

  • 3 horas
  • Flynig the kite on the beach

Private Course

Private lessons are with 1 instructor and 1 student.It's the fastest way to learn.You can do the full course starting from the beginning, or if you already know how to ride but you want to gain more confidence and improve your style. In this course you can learn how to improve your upwind riding, transitions, jumps, hooked and unhooked tricks, and how to kite on a strapless unidireccional board , on waves and with strong winds.

  • 2 hours
  • for maximum improvement in less time

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